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Here's what our customers are saying ...


Bob Prentice, Wessington, says:

"Mike and Brenda, I want to let you know that the Restonic mattress we recently purchased from you is a DREAM WEAVER! I am sleeping so much better and I wake up with no aches and pains. What I was most impressed with was your quick delivery and the fact that you happily lugged my old heavy mattress away. Thank you so much, Mike and Brenda! I am enjoying sweet dreams more than ever!"

Derrick J. Quitsch says: 


"Fantastic service with excellent lines of furniture priced just right! The owner & employees are top notch!" –Derrick J. Quitsch

Jason Hardin says:

"Mike is extremely fair. Great quality products." –Jason Hardin

Traci Linn Samelson, Redfield, says:

"Shop local people! Mike rocks at what he does! Even through challenging small business (Covid) times, he puts customers’ needs and wants FIRST! Mike, with his long-time knowledge and experience in the industry, is still working hard everyday to serve our communities' needs! As a customer, you will feel “taken care of” as you exit the store! That is a rarity in our current world! We are lucky to have him and his team in our small town of Redfield.

During my family’s recent move, [Mike] took care of their furniture needs, worked with them on brands and pricing per their budget, and had a great team deliver the set of awesome furniture in a safe and timely manner! ... He knows about and believes in the products he sells and believes in working FOR you! Great place! Check it out! The pricing makes having something “new” feel good and not bad for once!!!!"

Kelly C. Hyke, Redfield, says:

"Mike and Brenda were so helpful on helping us get just the right couch and chairs. Mike and Mark were excellent with the delivery. They arrived when they said they would and even took their shoes off, so they didn't track snow and mud in on our freshly cleaned carpet. The whole staff is the best. We are very fortunate to have them as a local business. Much better customer service than any of the big out of town stores."

If you are in the market for high quality living, dining and bedroom furniture,

a mattress that guarantees a good night's sleep, and / or unique gifts,

greeting cards and home decor, look no further than Mike's Furniture!

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